The Miss High School, Junior High School and Collegiate America Pageant competition exists for the purpose of providing personal and professional opportunities for young women. It is our goal to provide outstanding high school, junior high and collegiate girls the opportunity to compete in a pageant system that has the highest of moral values.

Miss High School


BACK TO BACK!  The Miss High School America Organization is named in the Top 10 National National Pageants of 2015 by Pageant Planet. This is the second year the organization has been recognized for this prestigious award.  The Miss High School America Organization focuses on academic achievement and community service involvement.  Our national and state winners promote our national platform BRAVE througout the USA.  Founded in 1998, Pageant Center... Read More »
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1....... Ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Have you wondered what it feels like to be in Zero G? Do you want to engineer your own robotic rover and launch a rocket? Well our national queens will!! The new 2016 Miss High School America, Miss Junior High School America and Miss Collegiate America will go to Space Center University at the nonprofit space museum Space Center Houston. The... Read More »
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"Hey Amanda! I am having the time of my life here in London, so in love with the city... I'm having a blast!!! Today I visited Rochester and Canterbury and saw some amazing castles and cathedrals. Looking forward to the firework show overlooking Big Ben and The Eye tomorrow for New Years!!"
                                                                                            ~ Lexi Collins, Miss High School America 2014
                                                                                               People to People Ambassador Program, Winter 2014
—Lexi Collins 
Quote Kyndal is much better prepared for College directly as a result of preparing, competing, and interacting with everyone involved at your the Miss High School America Pageant. Quote
—Rick Hayes -Father of 2010 Miss Collegiate America 
Quote This system is everything you could possibly want for your daughter wether she wins or not. The experience and growth we have gained from it has far more surpassed any other system. Quote
—Yolanda Weatherspoon-Mother of Miss DC Collegiate 2013 
Quote I just want to say how much our team enjoyed attending Nationals in Orlando this year! Your pageant really affords girls the chance to shine and Its wonderful to have a pageant that celebrates the girls that adore being in school!!! Quote
—Cy, Cory, Amanda and Kyle
www.gownsandcrowns.com, TLC's King of the Crown 
Quote No other pageant I have ever participated in had the positive atmosphere and wonderful direction as MHSA. Every single one of us felt like queens and felt blessed to have the opportunity to give back to the community of San Antonio. The experience was once in a lifetime! Quote
—Callie Atkins 
Quote I am so grateful for the confidence, leadership skills and friendships I've gained as a result of my involvement in the MCA System. This system provides girls with a platform, a voice and a tremendous support network. I'm happy to see our titleholders making positive changes in their communities while achieving their own person and professional goals. Quote
—Shannon Folsom- Miss Collegiate America 2011 
Quote Thank you for everything. You have no idea how much this title has helped me grow as a titleholder, a high school student, and a person overall. Quote
—Miranda Harrison- Miss Virginia High 2010
Miss Virginia America 2013 
The staff produces at both the state and national levels! My experience has been life changing and helped me discover my true potential.
—Amber Smith- Miss Pennsylvania Collegiate 2012